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CSA (community supported agriculture) is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between farmers and subscribers. With CSA, subscribers pay the farmer in advance and receive a weekly share of the harvest. This allows the farmers to concentrate on what they do best: growing healthy food.

Thru CSA, you are directly supporting small family farms in your local economy and preserving farm land on Vashon Island. You will receive a wide variety of fresh, nutritious, organic produce grown locally by someone you know. You can talk with the farmer about your food, ask questions about anything, come to the farm and witness where, when, and how your food is being produced. This is not anonymous food ~ this is food that you truly KNOW.

Harvest Share Subscription- The subscription season runs for 20 weeks from mid- June through October. The cost of the subscription is $500 (the actual value of the produce ranges around $600). As a subscriber, you pay for the entire season in advance - either in one payment or three easy installments - then each week during the season, you come to the farm to pick up a grocery bag brimming with freshly harvested produce. In addition, you will receive Jasper’s weekly email newsletter chock full of nutritional info about the veggies, healthy recipes and suggestions for use of new or unusual vegetables.

What can you expect to receive each week? We strive to supply our members with a wide variety of seasonal produce; to ensure such diversity, our crops are planted in succession so we can harvest a revolving cornucopia of mixed vegetables. As crops rotate throughout the year, weekly shares vary by size and types of produce, reflecting the seasons and local growing conditions. To give you an idea of what you might expect, here are some examples of newsletters from past seasons:

7/20/16 - Harvest Week #6
8/24/16 - Harvest Week #11
9/22/16 - Harvest Week #15
10/19/16 - Harvest Week #19

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